This very haunted Victorian on magazine street has become home to some of the most fiendish and fun specters in New Orleans. Watch them dance and fly in the windows after dark for an audio visual extravaganza. Every year something new is added to the manor. This year we have some very important skeletal guests. Watch for their appearance soon.

A Little History

This Queen Anne style Victorian was built in 1892 by Moise Waldhorn when the previous brick dwelling burned down in a fire of April 1892 that consumed many of the surrounding blocks. Over the last century the house has passed through many hands and has its share of ghosts and memories from all the people who have called it home.

The current ghost hosts bought the house in 2011 and felt it would be an ideal place to make some spooky dreams come true. 

Initially, the display began as a technical challenge to see if it would be possible to have a ghost to fly from window to window. That was accomplished in 2012.  Every year since, the display has grown piece by piece as elements are added and technology has improved.  2015 saw the addition of coordinated lightning effects from the roof all the way down into the garden and the oak tree. In 2016, we added four animatronic skeletons. This year we're excited about the addition of forty hand-carved pumpkins that are coordinated to the scenes.

In 2015 a phone video and commentary of the display was shared on Facebook and quickly amassed over a million views. That's when we received national attention and were featured on news programs and best decorations of New Orleans.

We were featured on WGNO News with a Twist. You can see that video here:

And below you can see the original handheld video that went viral: