Ghost Manor

Ghost Manor 2021 UPDATE!!! Limited engagement the last two weekends of October!

The ghoulish denizens of Ghost Manor are taking over once again. Although the human inhabitants are still dealing with significant damage from Hurricane Ida, the ghosts and ghouls were not content to remain silent this year. We tried. But who wants to argue with ghosts?

The singing skeletons were especially insistent. Once the zombie dancers and lightning ghost got wind of their idea, there was no stopping them. After staying hidden last year, they just weren’t having it. They were very persuasive (to say the least) and convinced us to allow them to revive some of their old favorites for a limited engagement during the last two weekends of October. We’d be happy if you come by to see them — we don’t want to deal with grumpy ghosts!


Ghosts come out the last two weekends in October, 2021: Oct. 22-24 and Oct. 29-31; 6:30pm to around 10pm. Weather permitting. (It will be lit up as a static display the week prior, beginning October 15th, 2021.)


Corner of Magazine Street and Second Street in New Orleans. Search for “Ghost Manor New Orleans” in your favorite map app.

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