Ghost Manor

Welcome to Ghost Manor

Ghost Manor is a haunted attraction like no other. Fully experienced from the outside banquette, you’ll experience flying ghosts, singing skeletons, dancing zombies, and a whole array of other interesting characters frolicking in this most haunted of houses. It has become a favorite of visitors from around the country and the world for its uniquely whimsical parodies of not only well-known Halloween tropes but also other popular entertainment references in music, movies and theatre, thoroughly transformed by the magic of Halloween.

Hailed for its technical achievements in lighting design, special effects, and custom-designed animatronics, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience of haunted vignettes which are designed to entertain, delight, and impress (and sometimes make you laugh) more than merely scare. It’s suitable for all ages, and both adults and children come back over and over to fully appreciate the richly layered detail and artistic creativity.


Various dates in October. Stay tuned for announcements of dates for the upcoming season. Weather permitting.


Corner of Magazine Street and Second Street in New Orleans. Search for “Ghost Manor New Orleans” in your favorite map app.

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