When do you run the video display?

Every night from sunset to about 1:00 am early October to October 31st

How do you make the ghosts fly from window to window?

We told you, it's a haunted house.

No, really, dude. How do you do it?

A lot of computer power and a whole lot more time.

It’s just projectors, right?

Yup, something like that.

Do you have something new this year?

Yes. We're excited to debut our animation skeletons. We're working hard to bring them out. Expect some boney band numbers on the porch around the 15th through Halloween after dark. We also have some cool new video for the windows we'll be rolling out incrementally.

Do you do trick or treating?

Of course! Bring the little ones.

Do you give away anything other than candy?

Yes! We have some cool non-food items for kids.

Is it a haunted house?


Like, a haunted house I can go inside?

No. Not that kind of haunted house. It's a private residence. With ghosts.

You’re in the movie business, right?

No, but it's become a serious hobby.

Do you run it after Halloween?

No, but Santa has been known to make an appearance after dark in December.

How long is the whole show before it repeats?

About 10 minutes but getting longer as we add new scenes.

My kid wants to see it. Is it family friendly?

Yes, we aim for creepy and fanciful. No gore.

Is this for profit?

No, this is a labor of love, but it is expensive. Feel free to contact us if you're moved to donate.