We are up and running!

The show is up and running. Last year’s show is in place and we are working on our new additions. Looks like the old favorites are still favorites!

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Art for Art’s Sake

As a pre-season cold open we are setting up in time for Art for Art’s Sake on Magazine Street. Lots of foot traffic means lots of people to scare and delight. Time to get out the spider webs and wake up the ghosts!

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This is Halloween, This is Halloween

October is almost here! You can feel the fall in the air because people are buying pumpkin spice lattes (even though it’s still 90 degrees in New Orleans).

That means it’s almost Halloween!

We’re getting the decorations down from the attic (a big job in itself) and planning our initial attack on the season.

We hope to be up and running with at least last year’s show by the first weekend of October.